How Expensive Are Home Elevators

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Published: 12th October 2011
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Residential elevators are the most preferred accessibility option of a great majority of home owners. While planning to purchase elevators for home use, one important question most customers tend to ask is "how expensive are home elevators?" These devices are not that expensive when you consider the convenience and benefits they offer. However, it is necessary to understand that, the price structure of residential elevator systems is determined on the basis of many other factors. This article focuses on the core points that affect their prices.

Residential Elevator Costs Depend on Various Factors

Home elevators once considered a luxury item, are now being increasingly referred to as a convenient mobility device for residential indoor and outdoor use. They can be used even to transport heavy goods including furniture, grocery, and laundry items from floor to floor. Elevators for homes enhance the overall resale value of your property as well.

When it comes to their costs, the pricing of elegantly designed models of residential elevators with advanced functions can range from $10000-$50000. Based on your budget specifications you can select basic models for around $10,000 or less, as well as more innovative and luxurious models for over $50,000. The major factors that go into determining the overall cost of residential home elevator units are:

Models: Elevators designed for indoor and outdoor use are available in a variety of models with attractive designs and finishes. Based on the specific model or design, the price you have to pay may differ.

Technology specifications: Most residential elevators are incorporated with advanced technology to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. Therefore, they would differ in prices compared to basic models. Compared to winding drum type basic elevators, hydraulic elevators are slightly more expensive.

Customizable options: To suit the unique interior décor of your home, most residential home elevator systems are provided with high-end customizable features. The lighting system, floors, and even the material used for door panels of different models can be customized easily according to your preferences. All these aspects in combination would affect the overall cost of the device.

Lifting capacity and size: Depending on loading capacity, cabin sizes, styles and the number of floors that the unit serves, their pricing will change. Innovative elevator units with higher lifting capacity and more floor stops would be slightly costlier than the regular models.

Safety features: Most home elevators are designed with advanced safety options such as emergency stop switch, lockable control panel, door interlocks, emergency light and alarm, in-cab phone, slack rope safety system and much more. All these would add to the cost.

Brands: Most manufacturers offer exclusive models of elevators at different price ranges. Therefore, you would have to make an analysis of the pricing structure of each manufacturer and then choose an economic model. Residential elevators that are elegantly designed and requiring only simple installation procedures are available from well-known manufacturers including ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria and Federal Elevator.

Buy from a Reliable Dealer

Home elevators are comparatively less expensive. As these devices are permanent investments make sure that you buy the most appropriate model that best suits your budget. Before the purchase, compare the cost of the different models, their technology and features. To get the best deals, find a reputable distributor that can provide premium models, trouble-free installation and prompt maintenance services. Dealers also provide special rates for residential home elevator units purchased for medical necessity. Searching online directories and the yellow-pages would help you collect information about the reputable dealers offering good models. Reading reviews posted by customers and forum discussions would also be beneficial.

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